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A Colored Chibi by DaydreamChi A Colored Chibi :icondaydreamchi:DaydreamChi 1 7 Flower Mandala by DaydreamChi Flower Mandala :icondaydreamchi:DaydreamChi 1 6 My first digital piece! by DaydreamChi My first digital piece! :icondaydreamchi:DaydreamChi 0 0 Stained Glass by DaydreamChi Stained Glass :icondaydreamchi:DaydreamChi 1 1


TMNT Comic Apritello I understand nothing 01 by clefchan TMNT Comic Apritello I understand nothing 01 :iconclefchan:clefchan 534 52
Raphael was sick again. Splinter had lost count of the number of times Raphael had been bedridden. He suspected an inner ear problem, based off the fact that Raphael would rub on his ear slits often. The young turtle also had a problem with balance due to the infections.  
His brothers would taunt him, but he did not let it discourage him. On the contrary, it fueled him. He was a determined child and was driven to keep up with, if not surpass his brothers.
While the others moved through their katas with fluidity, Raphael struggled to maintain balance. There were nights that Splinter would find him alone in the dojo with a look of determination on his face. He would fall, but he would always get back up. There were other days Splinter would find him curled up in the corner, crying but he never did it to where his brothers could see him.
Do to the lack of medicine, Splinter could do little to treat Raphael’s fever. Fortunately they were always low grade and would pass within a
:iconsadoranortica:SadoraNortica 16 12
No Title 04 by FREAKfreak No Title 04 :iconfreakfreak:FREAKfreak 723 102
(Leo, Raph, Mikey) x Reader Triple Turtle Time
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Author’s note: So I wanted to try some thing new. This is where you choose (out of the three) who you want for this chapter. I excluded Donnie since I had already done a chapter with a mutated reader for him a little while ago, for my Quotev readers I’ll leave a link near the bottom. Enjoy ^^
                                  (Mikey, Raph, Leo) x Reader (2012)
It was just another night, working late at your uncle’s pet shop. It was simple enough feeding the animals, cleaning the tanks and cages, stocking shelves, usual store stuff. Not only was it a great way to earn credits and work experience but it also put a little cash in your pocket. Though what really was the icing on the cake was caring for the reptiles, ever since you were little you had always loved snakes, turtles, and lizards. (A/n: for this yes
:icondark-blossom95:Dark-Blossom95 53 17
TMNT The Other Beginning Page 8 by chochi TMNT The Other Beginning Page 8 :iconchochi:chochi 745 74 Turtle pie 02 by InYuJi Turtle pie 02 :iconinyuji:InYuJi 358 71
Various TMNT X Reader Ultimate Love Story pt8:Raph
        The window pane splashed with incoming rain pellets as you stare out of it, looking beyond the droplets and to the street below. Nothing much was going on. The only other person that was home was Vince, and he had assumed the position of every gamer ever. Sit down, headphones on, not moving unless of extreme food and the toilet. You kinda wanted to play too, but like hell if he would let you be player two. Besides, it was kinda nice being able to relax like this.
        If you haven't noticed already, your buds had made it home A-Okay after that big party. All of them had at least something to drink, especially Samantha, who had the world's worst hangover. You took care of them, but that was days ago. And it was days ago that you were able to be held in Raph's arms as him and his brothers escorted you home. If you think hard enough, you can still feel his arms around you, how safe yo
:icondomolishious:Domolishious 16 3
Phone (AvengersXReader)
You sat in your apartment board after finishing up your paper work for Fury for the day. Glancing at the couch opposite you, you shrugged before moving over to it and sitting next to the passed out figures. Picking up your phone you dialed a group call and put the phone on speaker while turning slightly to get access to the man to your left.
"Hey (Y/n)" Nat answered first.
"Hey Nat" You greeted.
"Hellooooo ladies" Tony purred from behind his bar.
"Hey Ironass" You replied.
"Meanie" Tony pouted.
"HELLO SISTER WIDOW, SISTER (Y/N) AND BROTHER IRONASS!" Thor boomed answering his call.
"Indoor voices Thor" You replied.
"Apologies" Thor said quieter.
"I prefer brother Anthony" Tony chipped in.
"Lady (Y/n) said to call you Brother Ironass" Thor replied.
"And by said I paid him with poptarts" You added.
"Nice" Nat sniggered.
"Your all mean" Tony scowled.
"Hey guys" Steve chirped joining in.
"Hey cap" You replied keeping your focus on your target.
"Hi" Bruce spoke up.
"Hey science bro" Tony gri
:icondixonvixon:DixonVixon 791 122
Cards Against Humanity? (Avengers and LokixReader)
You were sitting in the living room in penthouse of Stark Tower. Bored out of your mind. Laying across the couch with one leg up on the back of the head rest on the couch, you stared up at the ceiling. Tony came walking in from the elevator and saw you there as he walked by. 
"Yo (nickname)! Whats with the look? Another celebrity you love get married?" 
You pick your self up to look at him, "One, that is something to be upset about as a fan girl. Two, I'm bored out of my mind. It's raining so I cant got to the park, I've read all my books, watched all my movies, and I'm not inspired. Ugh!" You flop back to your original position on the couch and continue staring at the high ceiling.
Tony sighed, "Yea I know. it's pretty dead around here... hey what's everyone else doing?"
"Um... Thor is eating, Bruce is in the lab, Steve and the spies are training for fun, and Loki is reading in his room. Why?"
A wicked grin forms on his face, "Oh nothing... just another spark of genius by yo
:icontorako16:Torako16 262 37
It's Spreading! (Avengers X Teen!Reader)
"Hey [name], can we get some water?" Your best friend, [friend's name], asked you once you put your bags down in the art room. "Sure." You and [friend's name] went and got cups of water then came back. [Friend's name] had two cups of water for herself and you only had one for yourself.
It was after school, you decided to do more work for your art course along with [friend's name] who offered to keep you company. "I should probably let the guys know." You said as you pulled out your phone and start to find the number through your contacts list. You live with the Avengers in the Stark Tower and you have been ever since you were little. Nick Fury found you when you were sat outside of the hospital wearing tattered clothes. He felt sympathy when you told him about how you didn't have a home and that you're parents abandoned you that you didn't remember who were your parents. Then he decided to take you in and that was when you met the Avengers. They volunteered to help raise you into a edu
:icon10thshapiroboss:10thShapiroBoss 441 82
How Far Would You Go? II Pt. 2 (TMNT x Reader)
    You can barely hear the voice calling your name. It is like all sound is in a far off distance; like a hazy dream. Your eyes droop. You see darkness; nothing. Your head feels heavy, your mind groggy, and, due to your aching muscles, you can barely move. You are mostly asleep than you are awake.
    "(NAME!)" The voice clashes through the silence of your mind and you are shaken awake. Immediately you jolt back into full awareness, like your conscious was suddenly slammed back into your head. Your breathing hitches at the suddenness of it as you snap your eyes wide open, catching yourself before you fall over. You clutch whatever you can for support as you recover from your shock.
    "You know, if you plan to make this a challenge for me, you might want to try to stay awake."
    Breathing choppily, you turn to see Michelangelo sitting next to you, his eyes beaming and a smile spread across his face. You take a look at your
:iconfluffpuff-penguin:Fluffpuff-Penguin 82 67
Parasite!Raph X Reader
My god, bare with me guys I'm not a raph fangirl so hehe I hope I tried my best XD :eyes:
You growled holding two giant daggers in your hands. Raph was bitten and was turned into an alien freak, it made ya so angry and you went after the egg while Donnie tells ya to stop to think of a plan but you said "screw it, I am in charge," but Raph got your ass kicked and you told Donnie and Mikey to get out, they did to see if they can find Leo...(who you will beat cause he bit your crush). You and Raph were on a standoff circling eachother while he has his sais out and you had your golden daggers out. You really did not want to hurt him, ya want him to be better and just, you growled irritated.
"Raph listen to me," he said sternly "wake up, your not an alien from outer space, SNAP OUT OF IT,"
Raph snarled at you as he attacked but luckily you moved out of the way, then you turned to confront him, he snarled at you as the parasite saliva was oozing out his mouth, you thought you were gonna puke
:iconadftlove:ADFTlove 229 101
Mature content
Kakashi x Reader: Porn (Lemon) :iconrussianbass:RussianBass 735 198
Mature content
Kakashi x Reader IV 'It was you' [FINAL] :iconyabre12:yabre12 283 257
Eevee lava by Coshi-Dragonite Eevee lava :iconcoshi-dragonite:Coshi-Dragonite 3,831 491
Kakashi x Student!reader part 12
“So what’s this about, Yamato?” Tsunade asked causally with a raised eyebrow. It didn’t take a genius to know he was upset and flustered about something, what Tsunade didn’t understand is why it needed the whole of team seven and herself to sort it out.
“Yeah, this better be important Yamato” Naruto nodded boldly “I was happily eating Ramen until Sakura came through my window and dragged me here- not that I blame you Sakura-chan~”  the blonde ninja quickly added noticing the death glare radiating of the pinkette.
Normally Yamato would take his trusty touch out his pack and scare some respect into the knuckle head, but now was not the time. “It’s about (y/n)” he stated sadly causing Kakashi’s ears to perk up.
“Oh?” Tsunade nodded now interested “You found her then?”
“I did-“
“Then where is she” Kakashi butted in, you weren’t with Yamato so where in god
:iconthe-banshee-queen:The-Banshee-Queen 240 50






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It has been over a week since I downloaded sai, but I hardly have gotten the time to play around with it. Fall break is over and it was amazingly wonderful, but then got slammed with work as soon as I got back to school. It didn't help though that I decided to try pokemon X because of childhood nostalgia and now I play it whenever I get the chance.  I am practicing with sai though when I do have the time, so hopefully I will able to post something decent soon. When I find my oil pastels I am definitely going to make a piece and post that, but that's because it is one of the few materials I am confident with. Also I just miss playing with my pastels.

Coloring Ashitarimai's work of Usagi and Leo (In-Progress)
Plushie of Tenshilove's Nimo (Planning)
Revision of Chibi Girl (In-Progress)


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United States
* A college student of an Industrial Engineering School
* I've worked with painting, drawing, collage, glass, pottery, and wood
* Best at glass works such as fused, stained, or glass beads

I am mostly on here to enjoy fan art and other awesome art pieces out there. I can't draw much of anything, but at some point I do hope to put up some of my glass pieces. This account is obviously still a work in progress, so thank you for coming to take a look


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